Smartaddress is the first of its kind Mobile App that allows residents to create FREE Accurate Home Addresses.

  • Simply Create the Address Handle once and EVERYONE whom you need to give directions to can access it.

  • Easier to search than coordinates

  • Neat way of giving directions to Emergency Services

  • If you run a business, NEW Customers won't struggle to find you.

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Become part of this Technological Revolution. Say goodbye to spending countless minutes on the phone struggling to give friends and Delivery personnel directions to your house

  • Easy to Register

    Registration is easy. Only basic information is required.

  • Intuitive Graphic User Interface

    The GUI is simple and straight forward. People from across all Backgrounds, from all ages can use the Application.

Guided Registration

No need to know your GPS coordinates, The application acquires your location automatically using the mobile phone's GPS Device during registration.


How It Works

Follow the steps outlined below to successfully use Smartaddress.

Download The App

Download the Application from Google Play Store

Start the App

Load the application and follow the instruction to register a new account


Congratulations! Now you have a Smartaddress Account and can start sharing it with friends

Share Your Handle

Give the Handle you created to people whom you want to locate you

Get Directions

To get someone else's Address, Ask for their Address Handle and press the Directions button to search Smartaddress for their location.


If you Experience any problems with our application, please address your difficulties to


SmartAddress™ Smart Card

Smartaddress™ is an App that allows people who live in unaddressed places to create electronic addresses for their homes. We understand that, not all people who live in these areas have smartphones to create these electronic addresses themselves. As Smartaddress we strongly believe that this should not be a hurdle that prevents those without smart phones from reaping the benefits that will come with the full implementation of SmartAddress™. That is the reason why we have come up with a smart card system specifically aimed at these homes.

How does it work ?

  • SmartAddress ™ will send out agents to designated areas with low smart phone penetration to register homes that do not smart phones.

  • A smart card with a unique Pin# will then be issued. The unique pin will become the home’selectronic address

  • Once registered, people in these homes will then be able to use that Pin# to give directions to their residences

NB: It is important to note that, you’ll need to download the app before you can search for SmartAddress directions.

Media Features

Smartaddress was profiled on ENCA during the March 2016 voter registration weekend as the ultimate solution to the challenge of physical addresses in rural areas.


Screenshots of the actual application.

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